One size fits all Bottle / Tool Pouch Holder - DOM Monkii Cage/Wedge

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    Innovative water bottle cage, the Monkii cage uses a Velcro strap, meaning it can accommodate any size water bottle. Clever. You do not have to undo the Velcro to get to the bottle, you can easily remove the bottle cage, which snaps into the bike frame mount, so it won't scratch your expensive bottle or frame. The Monkii Wedge, which is a tool pouch that is exchangeable with Monkii Cage. The Free Parable Design website has all the details.
    The prices are:
    Monkii Cage (bottle holder): $15.00
    Monkii Wedge (tool pouch): $20.00
    Monkii Clip: $8.00

    Please contact us if you are a serious buyer! Distributors and wholesaler are welcome!

    Hwai Chen
    [email protected]
    BayEcoTech/Magi Scitech, Inc.
    4000 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 106San Jose, CA 95117