one speed vs. 8 speed


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May 18, 2003
About 3 weeks ago I ordered a pair of chrome bike rims from I was going to install them on my almost new Trek 4500 (an 24 speed bike). Although I was assured that the rear hubs would be compatabile with an 24 speed bike, when they arrived, I found out that they were built for a one speed bike. The problem here is that the rims have 72 spokes each, not the usual 32 or 36, so the hubs have 72 holes. Lately I have been searching for a rear 72 hole 24 speed compatible hub for sale that I could replace the other current one with, however, I have not found even one hub. If any reader has any idea where to find one, then please reply.

If I can not find a hub like this, then I may have to buy something (I forget what it is called) that is put on sort of like a derailleur i think, that basically changes your bike into a one speed. If I got this I would not be able to shift up or down, and would render my bike useless for offroad biking. My friend told me that there is something like this converter that not only changes your bike into a one speed, but allows you to switch back and forth from 24 speed to one speed, which would solve this problem completely. If any reader knows what this is called or where I can find one of them that allows me to switch back and forth from a 24 speed to one speed then please, please reply or send me an e-mail.