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    Well, it's been exactly a year since I my first wobbly attempt to ride a

    I kept a diary of my achievements as I went, so for the benefit of new
    riders who are wondering how long skills can take to learn, here is my
    progress calendar.

    Over the last year I have tried to ride every day, around 1/2 hour per
    day on average.

    I was hoping to have level 5 skills done after a year, but wheel walking
    and one footed idling with the right foot down still elude me!

    02-06-03 Started unicycling
    26-06-03 Rode 50m (wall mount)
    29-06-03 Rode 40m (free mount)
    02-07-03 Rode 50m (free mount)
    02-07-03 Level 1 skills achieved

    08-07-03 Rode off 15cm drop
    09-07-03 Rode 10m between 2 lines 30cm apart (pole mount)
    12-07-03 Mounted with left foot
    19-07-03 Rode off 30cm drop
    19-07-03 Turned 90 degrees to the right within 1m circle
    17-08-03 Hopped 20 times (from mount, not from riding)
    18-08-03 Turned 90 degrees to the left
    23-08-03 Ride a figure 8 with circle diameters smaller then 3m
    23-08-03 Level 2 skills achieved

    25-08-03 Hopped 5 times (ride, hop, ride)
    26-08-03 Side mount with right foot
    01-09-03 Jump mount with right foot forward
    01-09-03 Demonstrate 3 types of mounts
    03-09-03 Turned 180 degrees to the right
    11-09-03 Hopped sideways up onto gutter
    20-09-03 Rode forward, pedalled backward 1/2 revolution, rode forward
    21-09-03 Rode 10m with stomach on seat (started with stomach on seat)
    29-09-03 Turned 180 degrees to the left
    06-10-03 Rode figure 8 with circle diameters smaller than 1.5m
    12-10-03 Ride, 10m stomach on seat, ride
    12-10-03 Hopped sideways over 10x10 obstacle
    12-10-03 Level 3 skills achieved

    13-10-03 Reverse mount - demonstrate 4 types of mount
    30-10-03 Rode backwards 5m
    04-11-03 Rode backwards 10m
    08-11-03 Suicide mount - demonstrate 5 types of mount
    15-11-03 Seat out back 10m (sitting on hand/wrist)
    15-11-03 Seat out front 10m (didn't return to seat in)
    25-11-03 Idle 10 times (idle=bwd+fwd) left foot down
    29-11-03 Seat out back 10m
    29-11-03 Rode one-footed for 3 revolutions
    04-12-03 Idle 17 times left foot down
    29-12-03 Idle 29 times left foot down
    29-01-04 Ride one-footed 10m (hands free)
    31-01-04 Seat out front 10m
    09-02-04 Make 360 degree turn to the right
    21-02-04 Ride one-footed 10m+ (return to seat in)
    24-02-04 Ride backwards in a circle (anticlockwise)
    24-02-04 Ride seat out back in a circle (clockwise)
    24-02-04 Started working on wheel walking
    11-03-04 Mount to one-foot riding
    11-03-04 Rolling mount
    11-03-04 Idle 11 times right foot down
    11-03-04 Make 360 degree turn to the left
    27-03-04 Idle one footed with the left foot down 22 times
    05-04-04 Mount to idle one footed, idle left foot down 25 times
    21-04-04 Idle 25 times right foot down
    21-04-04 Level 4 skills achieved

    09-05-04 Wheel walk 5m
    09-05-04 Ride a figure 8 one footed (right foot)
    11-05-04 Ride with the seat on side in a circle
    11-05-04 Ride a figure 8 with the seat out back

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    Um, why does it say unicycling newbie under your name? That you
    definately are not. You rock!!

    Keep up the good work and having fun : )

    KJ-52 - unicycler

    Originally posted by Logan_A.
    Note this e-mail is baKsed oJn -a sto5ry a2nd mIay bSe fictKional oEr
    conWtain fictiLonal elements. This should also not have been read by any
    younger riders.

    Can you find the hidden message?

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    awesome, i wish i had kept a log... good idea!


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    Boy I feel good now. I thought I was below the curve in learning time,
    but after 3 months I'm right where you were and I got summer coming

    Thanks for boosting my self esteem!

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