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Hi guys,

Its been mentioned here a few times, so i've installed a neat chat program on the server. Anyway I was thinking we could have a scheduled chat say once every couple of weeks that lasts for a few hours.

If anyone is interested please post your comments below :)

yes i think its a good idea. we would still be able to chat any time though hey. a sheduled chat should get every one involved. only down side is if someone abused it ,(bad language). but i think we are all sane enough ::) ;D.
I was thinking of only having the chat room open at certian see i dont want people to stop using the forum ;)

An empty chat room is a sure way to turn people off.....maybe we can test it and see how it goes!

:) YES, definitely, I would use it. Much easier and quicker to talk to everyone - live!
Also, if it's available at all times, I will chat whenever I come into the forum. If nobody was available at the time, I would then respond to comments, etc. on the board.

The "scheduled" chat time could be a bit of a problem though. I'm not sure about the rest of the people, but I'm on here during work hours :-[ so can never guarantee what time I'll be here, due to being called on at any time.

Let's give it a go first though? :)
OK guys, surf over to and check it out!

You'll have to register before you enter it, please use you forum usernames that way everyone else will know who you are.

If you think the chats a goer maybe we can make it a permanent fixture!

VERY slow in getting the messages up. Dont know if it's the software or the line speed yet.
It must be the slow pings from aust to south africa.......this software isnt slow.
??? I think this would be cool, but things like the Link Speed, active Users and Topics of discussion would be the deciding factors that would allow me be glued to the PC for a few hours at a time.

Let's test it and find out....
It would be great to have...But will there be off schedule schedules,for some of us who are sleeping while you guys are on,or on while you are sleeping... :D ::)
I know...I'm just on the wrong side of the planet...DOH! 8)
You my vote for it!

R there ever ppl in it?

Is it a Roadie/Knobby chat?...

I would like to use it. But, I fear that chats may be scheduled when non-SA'rs are sleeping. :(
R there ever ppl in there?...

R their Mountain Biking chats, or only Roadies?


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