Online pharmacy ripoff

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Jg, May 11, 2004.

  1. Jg

    Jg Guest stole my money, and they can steal yours too. Before you buy
    from them, you should know that:

    1) They've located their pharmacy in Northern Europe and
    their bank/billing address in Namibia, Africa so that
    there is no way your credit card company can recover your
    money once you've lost it. The banking laws in Namibia
    (or lack of banking laws) is perfect for this purpose.

    2) Their customer service telephone number (advertised on
    their website and on the purchase notification they send
    'customers') doesn't work. It has the effect of making
    purhasers feel more secure (until they actually try
    using it).

    3) In their 26 items under 'Terms and Conditions', they
    basically say that if you don't get your merchandise,
    that you can't blame them.

    4) When you don't get your merchandise, they will not
    respond to your email. In fact, if you write to them
    often enough to ask where your merchandise is, they will
    block your email address or use email filters to bounce
    your email.

    My advice is not to buy from If you can,
    purchase any medicine you need in the country that you live
    in. If you buy from a pharmacy outside of your country, your
    credit card company cannot help you if a pharmacy steals
    your money