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May 27, 2006
Hello. I was wondering if some of you folks could suggest a good place for me to purchase online parts (shipping consideration etc.). Not sure if this is in contravention of forum rules but I have been away for a VERY long time...the last time when i was on, the forums had a blue white design. I am looking to order clip less pedals and shoes...and i am a first time clipless pedals user, so suggestions are welcomed..vie been looking at the time rsx on nashbar. Thanks.
Hi Will for the pedals I would be more likely to go to the UK and/or Germany. The Australian dollar appears to be faring better against the UK Pound/Euro than the US dollar. As to shoes unless you know your size/fit you might be better off biting the bullet and buying at your LBS. Uk/Euro retailers include ... Wiggle ChainReactionCycles ProbikeKit Starbikes Evans and the list goes on. Google is your friend. Andrew
Yep, as 'Hiker' suggests, most of us use the UK shops, because they are AWESOME! :) The postage is cheap, and often the delivery so fast that i swear they have a warehouse in Melbourne.
Adding to that list, there's also Total Cycling and Ribble. All of them pop up immediately on Google.

Be very careful buying anything from the US, because the postage can be brutal. I was once charged $113 postage for a $60 seatpost!! There are lots of other similar horror stories.

However, just for the pedals: I'm a Shimano guy, and a like their pedals. If you're in Melbourne, some of Cecil Walker's prices have come down a lot. For instance, I recently bought some Shimano 105 pedals from the UK for about 65 bucks, then I noticed that Cecil Walker were selling them for $75!! If you go for Shimano, I recommend that you get the new generation model with the steel platform -- 105 or above.
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For bike shoes, I suggest you try your local bike shop, for fit only. When you have found the ideal pair, note down the model and size, and buy from Wiggle or Probikekit. You will pay half-price or less, including postage.
I tried to source the following in Aust- plastic bike covers, cleat covers, and rain overshoes. The first two items- nobody appears to stock them. The rain booties are very expensive. Therefore I had no option but to send my money overseas to get what I wanted.
I dunno if it still goes on, but, some shops charge 30 bucks just to try on Sidis!! :)

This is obviously coz people were trying the shoes on, then buying them online.