Online Shopping


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Jan 31, 2002
Can anyone give me a decent online shop where I can buy cycling thingys and have them send it to South Africa?
Ewep, If you want clothes then, obviously because I'm from the UK I get my stuff fast (i've never waited longer than two days and that was because I ordered on a sunday). Perhaps postage may be steep for you in SA but as for service I cannot fault them.<br /><br />As for anybody in the UK all I can say is try them they won't let you down.<br /><br />There is one downside, because the clothes are cheap I buy them, but when I'm on the road I look the part but ride like a donkey ;)
If you have an American Express card, Cecil Walker ( delivers internationally.<br /><br />I don't know about their mail order service though, since their shop is just a city block away from where I work ;)
I'm in Sydney, and have use and found them to be really good.<br /><br />I did have a problem where they left an item out, when I contacted them they arranged a credit for me to use and paid for the next delivery to make for it.<br /><br />Can't criticize their service, and lots of good specials as well. are pretty good, i'm not sure if they deliver internationally though.