Operation Diva (Avon & Somerset police)

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  1. Just read a press release from Avon & Somerset Police - who are lauching Operation Diva - this is
    aimed at targeting "anti-social behaviour" by groups of youths as the spring/summer sets in.

    One aspect of this is that the bobbies are supposed to be having "friendly chats" with any youths on
    bicycles (and mopeds) and advising them on road safety issues....

    Seems like a good idea if done sensitively (so it doesn't just come across as a crackdown on young
    people just gathering. I remember as a teen sometimes the old bill were a bit over-zealous at stop
    checking everyone - though the ones who cycled as part of their transport (both uniform and CID)
    seemed to be OK.

    People do however sometimes get unduly paranoid of groups of youths; I remember in my teenage days a
    local old lady was quite convinced my mates were going to steal her lap-dog (which had run across to
    our group having been let off the lead); all we wanted to do was pat it and make a fuss of it!


  2. Terry J

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    Myra's how to ride a bike section is an excellent precis.Much more useful than Cyclecraft.

    would she like to suggest to them that they hand them out or recommend the web page?

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