Opinions on 2005 Deda EM2 tubing/blacktail monobox?


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May 24, 2004
Hi, i'm looking at a bike with Dedacciai EM2 Main Tubing with Deda blacktail race carbon rearstays (2005) does anyone know anything about it? ie. the flex of the tubing, the quality, how it rides etc. it's pretty lightweight at 1115g

thanks, Wallis007
Hi Wallis... Guru made a model called "Racelite" which used that exact combination. (Maybe you are buying a Guru?). Anyway, I rode one for a season and it is the BEST Crit bike you can have. Really stiff and responsive... However, if you are going to ride or race 100miles on bumpy roads, you will feel it the next day, BIG TIME. If you ride on mostly smooth roads, this is a fantastic combination of tube and carbon usage. And, as you stated, it is pretty light!