Opinions on 3 female road bikes

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by lilimary, Nov 8, 2010.

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    Nov 8, 2010
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    Hi there,

    I'm after some opiniong on the 3 female road bikes I have selectionned to go and have a look at this week. I will obvisouly try them etc but thought I might do with some guidance/advice before hitting the shops.

    You might tell me that some bikes in my selection are not even worth look at ;-)

    I'm a regular swimer/runner getting back into Triathlon (I've done some a long while ago...) short distance, so I don't think I need anything too fancy.

    Here are the options :
    Giant : http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/bikes/show/100126256-giant-avail
    Orbea : http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/bikes/show/100097100-orbea-orbea-aqua-dama-2300
    Specialized : http://www.bikeexchange.com.au/bikes/show/100118036-specialized-dolce-triple


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    Dec 14, 2006
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    All three bikes are fairly equal in terms of quality and value. The Giant has slightly better components than the other two, but not so much that you should let that be the only factor if you purchase it. The best way to pick a bike is to ride all three and see which one feels best. Also, don't forget to get fitted prior to buying any bicycle. The number one reason that people stop riding their bicycle is because it is uncomfortable. The number one reason that it is uncomfortable is because it does not fit right. Good luck.
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    I agree, ride all three if possible, but don't ride around the parking lot, take each on at least a 5 mile ride. If these are mail order bikes then you may be interested in looking at Bikes Direct where you can get a nicer bike with better components and frames for the same price, and they ship free, though it would be wise once you get a mail order bike to take it an LBS to have it assembled and adjusted unless your very good at doing that sort of thing, LBS typically charge around $75 for that service.

    http://www.bikesdirect.com/ Just browse the extensive selection to see if anything jumps out at you.