Opinions on continental sport


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Jan 15, 2011
Has anyone used the Continental Sport? And if so what was your experience with it. Does it have the same sort of flat proofing a Gatorskin has? Does it have better traction and/or wear characteristics as a Gatorskin?
Gran Sport or Ultra Sport or Super Sport?

I ran the wire bead and foldable bead Ultra Sport for maybe 1000 miles last Winter and early Spring. No punctures or flats in that run. 622 x 25 size, Valvert inner tubes, shimaNO 330 semi-aero rims.

The wire bead versions are heavy at 340 grams for the wire bead version vs. 280 grams for the foldable bead version in my size. Both versions have decent ride quality to them although they lack the feel of a lightweight racing tire. Wear quality is good. The rear still looks close to new.
Thanks Bob. I wanted some fairly good tires for my wife's bike that she doesn't ride much.
If you find those tires on sale for about $16 it's a good deal and Bike Tires Direct has that price; so is the Schwalbe Lugano HS 384 which Amazon has on sale for $14.31 including free shipping.