Opposite of BLoody Soap Box!


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Jan 24, 2002
How about starting a HAPPINESS thread? Vo2 and I have been hogging the Soap Box thread for some time now and we need a thread to show that we're aren't pessimistic pensioners with wet panties (poor translation of a classic afrikaans expression!).<br /><br />Some possible titles:<br />The 70's daisy thread<br />The E thread (happEEEEEness thread?)<br />The fluffy bunny thread<br />The warm and fuzzy thread<br />The whale hugging thread<br />
Members must think that we are grumpy old mona's, eh Eldron?<br />Not true, people, not true.<br /><br />I go with the &quot;Everything starts with an E&quot; thread :-*<br />So Eldron, whats the score? ;D<br /><br />