Optimal timing of long run and long bike?

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Dave Andersen, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. For convenience and "have a life" purposes, many people seem to do their long bike and their long
    run on the weekend. I usually ride on Saturday and run on Sunday. Last week, a bit of travel and a
    rest week removed my long bike from the equation, and I got to run with fresh legs on Sunday...
    which was quite a pleasant change.

    So, I ask: If you don't have any scheduling constraints, what's the best way to stagger the long
    bike and the long run to get maximum benefit from the workouts, assuming you're training for
    something in the half-IM range? (Or, like me, want to train for both marathons and olympic distance
    triathlons, but aren't quite crazy enough for IMs. ;-)

    Back to back and get it over with? (Which one first?). A few days in between? Give up and move to a
    6 or 8 day week?


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