Organ Harvesting in China

the us, with it's need to provide non-durable goods to fuel a economy which relies on expolitation of enviromnment, resources, and peoples, apparently can overlook all manner of human rights abuses, so long as the nation in question is not on the axis of evil list.

trade with china is needed to pacify and distract the us consumer, by suppling goods which are made without regard for environment or human rights, from the inherent hypocrisy of the us being supportive of and perpetrating the worst (by any quantitative measure) human rights violations of today.

what keeps a nation in the good graces of the us? well, membership in the world bank, wmf, wto, and related organizations helps. the nations which are striving for true independence are threatened at every turn. and so this is how the us supports it's version of "democracy", by threat and military invasion.

how many of you are liking your walmart now?

thebluetrain said:
Check this out!
"Think live lobsters in Chinese restaurant water tanks, waiting for you to walk in and order. Now imagine people in the place of the lobsters. This is not a joke. It's for real and as bad as it comes".
The US military is killing Iraqi and Afghan civilians by the hundreds either directly or through puppet instruments. Sort that out in the US Govt first before trying to lecture the rest of the world... End of story.

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