Orig BikeE seat sliders, redesigned acc. bracket avail soon.

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Ron H., May 11, 2003.

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  1. Ron H.

    Ron H. Guest

    Hello to all on the list: I recently purchased all the remaining stock of seat sliders from
    mrlee's Ebay store. (he just listed quite a few more items Sunday morning) I have redesigned an
    accessory bracket (using the sliders Lee is shipping out to me Monday) with thicker metal (can be
    threaded) wider surface 1 1/4 inches. There will be two sizes. One regular length, The other hangs
    down the side
    1/2" more so it can be drilled and tapped to add what ever you can think of. The longer one allows
    the center of gravity to be lowered kinda like a moveable pannier rack. Used together long and
    short you could keep your load parallel with the ground. There is no centering screw that will
    allow horizontal adjustment. I think its really cool. Here is one of the pictures I will soon have
    up on my site. I'll put up 6-7 pix later this week. http://members.aol.com:/whytoole/BK5g Without
    the three bolts I used as examples, the thicker longer one is about the same weight as the
    original BikeE bracket. The shorter one is lighter, due to eliminating all the quick release
    steel, spring and nut. I will have thumbnails on my site WHYTOOLE later this week to click for
    information. Prices have not yet been set (sold only in pairs) for a pair of brackets or a pair of
    siders. RON H. for WHYTOOLE 98 BikeE AT. http://members.aol.com/whytoole/WHYTOOLE.html Tool trays
    that slide inside the BikeE frame! "Two Feet High and Riding" BENT Recumbent Logo T-Shirts

Thread Status:
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