OT- Any driving offence including speeding should prompt a re-test

bugbear wrote:
> Roger Merriman wrote:
>> Martin Dann <[email protected]> wrote:
>>> Roger Merriman wrote:
>>>> she seems to have a number of problems, but regardless she would
>>>> seem to
>>>> be best not driving at least at this point.
>>> According to my local rag, she "relies" on her car, and has declared
>>> that she will start driving again ASAP

>> i can see that public transport in a wheelchair wouldn't be ideal, and i
>> wouldn't want someone house bound, but neither should she be driving.

Despite what you hear in the local press, I find that Bristol public
transport is not that bad. There may be a few bad routes, but it has
always been good when I have used it. (OK, I live just off Whiteladies
A lot of the newer buses are wheel chair friendly, and have a ramp to
get them on and off. (And they are very easy with crutches).

> Indeed. Perhaps a move of place-of-domicile is indicated?
> To somewhere where the facilities she currently drives to
> are within walking/wheelchairing/mobility scootering distance.

She probably has most of the facilities she needs already within
mobility scooter range. The only problem with Bristol is the hills.
Paul Boyd wrote:

> The problem is that drivers in and around Bristol seem to be
> particularly impatient and aggressive.

And when someone is polite, and does give way or something, you wonder
what they are up to. It came as a complete shock earlier when someone
stopped to let me cross the road.

This is especially noticeable
> when you've been away from the city for a while, then have the
> misfortune to have to come back.


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