OT: Bargain Outdoor Equipment


Richard Bates

Anybody who lives near a YHA adventure shop may fancy
popping in: Since being taken over by Field and Trek (AIUI
YHA went bust, and were taken over by Karrimor, who
subsequently went bust (not the first time?)) Karrimor stuff
is between 50% and 75% off.

This is certainly the case at Birmingham - I assume it is
the case nationally.

Most of the stock is walking and camping related rather than
cycling related but since many of us URCers seem to like the
great outdoors in general then you may find a bargain.

KSB 100 GTX boots were UKP35, and a folding gas stove which
packs inside two nesting pans was a fiver.

Unfortunately, Karrimor/Field&Trek don't seem to have bought
out the YHA's cycle section so there are no bargain bikes or
accessories to be had - Not even karrimor panniers :-(

Hope you find a bargain ...

Love and hugs from Rich x

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