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    We are all aware of President Bush's statement, and the liklihood of war in the next few days.
    Regardless of any feelings one might have about this endeavor, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human
    Serviecs Tommy Thompson today announced that American blood banks "face a critical shortage and
    replenishing the supply is an urgent national priority," according to today's Detroit Free Press.

    Blood donations are possible for most people, age 17 and above, every 56 days. Nearly every day
    there is a blood donation center operating within 25 miles of you. To locate a donation center, go
    to: www.givelive.org and follow the steps to register (it doesn't commit you to anything) and then
    to find, by zip code, where you can donate blood. If you're a member of organizations such as Scout
    groups, Rotary and other service clubs, or even just your colleagues at work, consider identifying
    blood donation centers close to where you live and/or work. Even if for some reason you can't give
    blood yourself, helping to get others to do so is incredibly valuable.

    Don't respond, please, to me; just pass this message on to as many others as you can, and try to
    give blood yourself this week. It's one thing we can all do to help save lives. That's something
    very special.

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