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William Higley

I don't know how much coverage this received on the national or international level but it has
stirred up quite a ruckus in the Greater Seattle area of Washington State. The small town of Sultan
was visited by alleged "Eco-Terrorists" that released 10,000 caged mink from a mink farm. While
there are claims that most of the mink have been recaptured I am proposing an entrepreneurial
venture as follows:

Opportunities abound. Gentlemen for a small fee of $10,000.00 each I can get you in on the ground
floor of an amazing opportunity.

I plan on outfitting several old pickup trucks in the style of the Deep-Sea Fishing boats. We will
have two chairs in the bed of the truck, a cooler for the beer, a live bait box, and a game holding
box. I will also need to relocate a furrier.


I'm going to run a charter service for MINK FISHING in the fine City of Sultan. For a modest fee of
$1000 a day per person we will provide overnight accommodations at any of the 1 Star motels with 10
miles of Sultan, reserve a space in the truck, all the beer you can drink, and the services of the
furrier to convert your bounty of freshly caught mink into the garment of your choice.

Imagine yourself sitting in the back of the truck swapping jokes with Bubba and tossing down a
couple of cold ones, the charter captain has just passed the intersection of Raspberry Lane and 1st
Street, the deck hand has just placed a fresh hamster on your line, you're trolling along and then
suddenly there is a tug on your line, MINK ON!!!, is your cry. Beads of perspiration appear on your
worried brow, "this is one big mink", you are thinking and you are a little nervous about landing
it. You finally get the beast up to the bed of the truck and the deck hand nets your prize catch.
The deck hand you notice is missing a few fingers, "gnawed off by one of them little buggers", he
proudly tells you.

This scenario repeats itself over and over during the day. At the end of the day you pull into the
loading bay of the furrier and he offloads your catch. He looks at what you have and suggests that
you have enough critters to make a nice stole. He shows you a catalog of some of his works so you
can pick a style that you like.

I think you can see that if we move quickly we can cash in on this golden opportunity. I am also
testing the market with an assortment of mink recipes. Some of the more promising ideas are mink
barbecue, mink-on-a-stick, mashed taters with grilled mink, or my favorite "A lightly seared mink
with a mango-chutney-salsa placed on a bed of collard greens and rice" and served up with a bottle
of "Peach Creek" wine.

Please respond within three working days or I will have to give your opportunity to someone else.

I hope you will forgive me for cluttering up the board with more OT ****.

William Higley, Sr. Vision R-50 RANS Rocket
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