[OT] Public Service Announcement

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Davey Crockett

If you didn't buy WankerBoy Gatez Windows Sh!t between February 18, 1995 and December 2001 in the
State of California. DUMP this as it is decidedly OFF TOPIC.

[ 'cept for the fact that you need a 'puter to read the junk what Davey and the rest of the crew
post in here ]

And if you already have registered your claim, DUMP it too.

However Gatez and his Robber Baron Enterprise, Micro$oft, just settled a class action anti trust
suit in Sunny California for 1.1 Billion Dollarz. Yepperz, you read that correctly, and the Treasure
Trove is now up for grabs.

So if you didn't know about it, or didn't think you qualified, do yourself a big favour and go here.


Jim Bowie nudges Davey. Sez ''The Moola them Spanyards lost on La Capitana was just walkin' 'round
money compared to this one Davey, right?''

The link is a news article. If it is gone by the time you get around to accessing it, Davey has a
copy. Just post and say ''I wanna help show Gatez what the Alamo was like,'' leave a good e-mail
addy, and Davey will send ya a copy.

Don't send mail to rogers.com. Davey never checks that mail box.

le vent a Dos

Davey Crockett
Not open for further replies.