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Simon Mason

Regular readers will know that I produce a monthly safety video for my colleagues which they can
view on their PC. Some people here even downloaded Video 13 which was about preparing yourself for
driving in the winter countryside. Since then I've been using MS Windows Movie Maker which the great
Satan lets you have for nothing and now I can edit clips, add music and special effects.

I've been having a great time filming new videos and over the last few days have done another 6
subjects. Anyway, number 20 was about stopping at M-way service stations for a break every 2 hours.
I found out that I can superimpose text over the film and so when I'm passing the petrol station
bit, I put "80.9 p per litre? Ridiculous!" on the screen.

This allowed me to do a great gag when I'm in the shop. I bought a bag of crisps, a sandwich and
some coffee. I put on the screen "I'm sorry love, I've only got a 50 quid note" "That's alright,
put the crisps back". Hahahahaha.

It isn't due for release until OCT 03 though.
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