OT: The Passion


Nana Weedkiller

This is Jan's church.


"There is an EXCELLENT example of one hate filled jew (on this ng)."

"They did and do that all by themselves. Indeed they are not to be trusted. They lie and the rest
swear to it. They make false claims and can't prove them when asked, because they make things up."

"I suggest all the Jews here go to a Jewish newsgroup and discuss away. Start with Matt: 27 "

"Their are Jews here and there are atheists, (they are the ones who have told the group) with the
exception of IIena, they have proven themselves to be liars, deceitful and insulters."

"Furthmore, I called Andrew Kingoff a Jew Boy when he posted the stupid blasphemy of the 10
commandments here on the ng."

"That's because most every atheist and jew here has INDEED lied. They know it, yet they cover for
each other."

"The group here are mostly atheists and jews, (who falsely believe they are enlightened) and need to
have an argument going, thinking they can boast their ego. They tell lies, twist what is said, and
IMHO are lead by Satan."

"The truth is that most debunkers on MHA who LIE through their tetth, do nothing but belittle, and
are filled with hate, are atheists or jews."

"I repeat: The debubnker's here are atheist or jews."

"No, they aren't right, they are greatly deceived as Eve was when Satan debunked God's word. That
was the start of debunking. Then the jews Jesus's very own people tried to debunk his words, and
even debunked his miracles whch happened right before their eyes."

"Yes Jesus was a jew, his own people rejected him. They debunked all his words and works, and now
debunking and lies are second nature to them. That is how Satan works."

"Most of the debunkers are either atheists or Jews."

"It seems the Jews here have taken over this ng, with their vile false accusations and they are all
filled with hate."

"It seems to me the Jews here are trying to get even for the holocaust. When noone here was in any
way involved."

"Little do you know anything about the *10 Commandments* Jew Boy."