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    Here is the link to my website page that has a 60 pic Slide show of all the great signs and slogans
    at the Los Angeles Peace Rally on 3-30-03 (today.)

    Has two or 3 pics of bents. There was a guy on a Rans Voyager? and I on my T-bolt and lots of DF
    Bikes with young and old.   http://webzine.bizland.com/LA-Peace-Rally/   It takes 8 to 10 minutes to
    view them all. They automatically change pics every 10 seconds. Pics are big enough to see, but
    don't take long to download.   I took em with a $65 digital camera. I didn't use the 'best' quality
    option but I took 75 pics in all and present the best to you.   Enjoy! It is just like being there!
    Except for the drums beating, the hollering, the speakers, and the constables on patrol. NO ARRESTS!
      My only regret. I didn't take any pictures of the Radical High School Cheerleaders for Peace. A
    group of 12 or more high school girls for peace that are REAL cheerleaders and do their thing for
    peace. Tasteful, and cute to the max!   Babies, Grandmas, Vets for Peace, couples, freaks with
    Mohawks, they were all there!   Comments can be sent to me via my email link at top of main picture
    frame. (Requires ability to load frames.) Shouldn't be a problem for anyone with a computer browser
    that is 5 yrs. old or less.   Enjoy!
    Don Boring Glendora, CA. USA Don B.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.