Our health results over the past year


Bob & Sherrie

Just wanted to pass on what happened to my wife and myself this past year with our health results.

I had always been dealing with seasonal allergies, cat allergies and blood pressure at the "high
end" of "normal".

My wife has been taking medication for her adult-onset type II diabetes for over 7 years.

In January, we both started drinking a patented nutritional supplement whose development was based
on finding what the human cell needs at the cellular level to feed it what it needs to fuel a body's
needs and keep you feeling good.

In February, my wife, under her doctor's care, came off all medication to see how her blood sugar
levels would fare without medication, taking just the nutritional supplement. In May, she returned
to have new blood work done and her blood sugar levels came in on par with a person without adult-
onset diabetes type II. She has now been off all medications for diabetes since February of 2003.
Also in May of 2003, she had her eyes examined and was pleasantly surprised to find out that her
vision had improved, her glaucoma pressure has dropped and she is overall focusing better.

I personally have now gone through a spring and fall pollen season without any of the seasonal
allergy issues that I have always dealt with in the past. I can now stay at friend's homes that have
cats without any allergy issues when in the past, I couldn't be around a cat for more than thirty
minutes without my eyes becoming swollen and bloodshot. My blood pressure is now 120 over 80, the
best it has been in over eleven years.

If any of what I have shared is of interest, please e-mail us at [email protected] (remove
NOSPAM) so that we can share what we have found.