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  1. Glad to hear your daughter is okay Deb. I wish her a quick and easy recovery.
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    > Thank you everyone for your thoughts and wishes of a speedy recovery for
    > daughter. She made it well through her surgery. The nurse suggested
    > I take her home from the surgical center to run to the grocery store to
    > soup, crackers, Jell-O and 7-up for her and then she proceed to tell me to get some snacks for
    > myself too, since I would probably want something too. I ended up getting a deli sandwich and some
    > water for me. I actually considered getting some chips or crackers, but would look at the
    > nutrition label and realized how many points it was and put them back on the shelf.
    > did not think about getting anything for dinner that night though. I
    > have done that since I did have a microwave and a refrigerator in the room we had. I guess I did
    > not have my head on completely, as when Julie woke
    > hungry at about 6:30 pm and suggested pizza, that was what we ended up having since that was all
    > that delivered in this town that we were in. It worked out well though, I only had two slices of a
    > small pizza and some
    > water. I think I did more running up and down the halls trying to get ice for the ice packs than
    > anything. The ice machine was not working on our floor, so went to the 2nd floor and that was not
    > working either, so then
    > to the convenience store down the block to get ice so that I could pack
    > ankle with the ice packs to keep the swelling down.
    > We are home now, and I weighed in after we got home and I got Julie
    > in her room here at home. Had a slight gain, but I figure it was a different weigh in time (late
    > afternoon instead of mid morning), I did not drink as much water as I normally would during the
    > day, also eating pizza the night before weigh in, the long drive home and TOM on top of
    > else.
    > Thank goodness she is resting comfortably in her own bed. Hopefully she will not be up every two
    > hours like she was last night. Not sure which is worse a baby or a teenager up every 2 hours
    > needing moms help.
    > Debbie
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    > > Hello everyone, I am posting through Google since I am presently in a hotel. My oldest daughter
    > > (19) will be having some surgery in the morning and since her doctor is near where she goes to
    > > school not at home, we are in a hotel tonight and tomorrow night. So I was on the road today
    > > (about a 3 hour drive) and then will be holed up in a hotel room with her after she is released
    > > from the surgical center tomorrow after her surgery. Her doctor did not want her traveling home
    > > on a 3 hour car drive after surgery so we are spending two nights at the hotel. I am not sure
    > > how meals will go, while out I know we will not be eating at a restaruant as she will be unable
    > > to get around or even feel up to it. At least there is an indoor swimming pool, a stationary
    > > bike and a treadmill to use here at the hotel, so I can get some exercise, but I hope I make
    > > good food choices.
    > >
    > > Please keep my daughter in your thoughts, I appreciate all the positive energy that every one
    > > gives each other on this group.
    > >
    > > Thanks,
    > >
    > > Debbie