OutdoorBasecamp.com is open for discussion :)

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Jacob, May 2, 2006.

  1. Jacob

    Jacob Guest

    Hello Outdoor enthusiasts!

    After months of planning and designing, http://www.Outdoorbasecamp.com
    (OBC) has officially opened its doors to discussion. OBC is a
    discussion forum offering a place for outdoor enthusiasts to meet and
    discuss activities and equipment. whether you prefer mountain biking or
    kayaking, backpacking or climbing, OBC offers a place for you to
    discuss your passions with like-minded individuals. View pictures and
    trip reports, read about the latest trends in gear and equipment. Learn
    about new techniques and theories, even find new recipes to try while
    in camp.

    I look forward to meeting everyone and hearing about their latest
    exploits. Tell your friends, and lets kick this off with a bang.

    Owner and Administrator

    *Please note* This is a one-time message, and not intended as spam. I
    have opened opened this site to bring outdoor enthusiasts together to
    share and discuss and learn. If you are not interested, I understand,
    and I apologize for wasting your time, I'm just trying to get the word
    out for those that may be interested.