over lapped clavical can pinch nerves, cause dizzieness


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Jan 2, 2012
Surgery or not--2007 in August I chose to leave it overlapped, advise from my Dr. Jan 2010 I had bad case of vertigo/dizzieness. All year dizzieness was so bad that I chose not to even drive a car. I started off using ENT's advise. By Nov., 1, 2010 the ENT had no clue as to my problem!!! [SIZE= 12pt]All professionals had asked medical history and this was mentioned and all said it may have something to do with it---but --that is as far as it went.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]November 8, 2010 I did a test hanging upside down on my gravity bed (back swing) which is yet another thing I have tried.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]I had not moved my head from side to side on it since I purchased it 2 months prior to that---don't ask me why---A very slow learner, I guess.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]Anyway- on the bed I went upside down---moved my head side to side--NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL --I got back upright and head side to side--huge symptoms!!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]I did this a few times and [/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]THAT IS IT----the double thickness of the overlapped collar bone is pushing on nerves.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]It is simply a structural issue.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]The next day I had a treatment with the Dry Needle guy, acupuncture kinda, but when needle is in, he massages the **** out of it, it really makes the muscles kick. I told him my theory --structural, and he said you gota make sure before you go to surgery and wanted to **** around some more and refer me to yet another doctor.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]He said he is sure it is the neck and did a treatment with electricity on the ends of the needles---man, I felt way worse after that.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]Well--enough is enough someone has to make a decision, 50 weeks is long enough and I AM SURE IT IS THE BONE OVERLAPED.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]The collar bone has to be re broken, sawed apart and set on an even plane and my problem will be solved.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]He and his partner, who have been "Bone Docs" for 22 years, had never heard of this as a problem, but agreed that I had done enough research and said he would do the operation.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]Just before the operation, the Dr said that he wouldn't bet a thousand bucks on the success of this, and he would not change his practice of leaving broken collar bones overlapped---BUT, he said, for your sake, I sure hope this works!!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]As soon as I woke up---I moved my head side to side----Just like when I was hanging upside down---NO SYMPTOMS AT ALL.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]It only took me 50 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours and 37 minutes to figure this out!!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]Now, two weeks Post Op, I am just a bit "Light-headed" [/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]Moving my head side to side ------ still NOT DIZZY!!![/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]I assume the swelling inside there is still ****en with the nerves, hence the Light-headedness. Getting rid of the woozy feeling is a huge success, so I feel sure that I have solved the root problem. [/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]I hope someone can learn from my experience, it has been the worst year of my 60 years.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 12pt]Just remember, there is only ONE guy looking out for you and that person is reading this.[/SIZE]

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So, you've had no doctor confirm your amateur diagnosis, right? Good luck with that. The only type of nerve enervation that would cause light headedness would be stimulation of the vagas nerve, but it doesn't really pass near the clavicle. Your test was a bad test. See another doctor.
[SIZE= 14px]What part of the dizziness is GONE didn't you read?[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 14px]Today is 15 days post surgery and I just had the staples removed. The Dr. was really pleased to hear the news. And as far as the light headiness, he said that due to the heavy work to separate the bone, he had to wrestle with the muscles, pull the shoulder apart and the upper pec is attached under there too and by the first rib.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 14px]When the swelling goes down inside, he now feel sure that the light headiness will go away as well/[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 14px]He also showed me on the XRay he had just taken--the choice of screw length was critical that the screw was long enough to go in the lower part of the bone and not THROUGH the bone completely. The XRay showed just that. A perfect job.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 14px]The ends of the bone were cut on an angle, like a 45 as to give more surface area for healing. One screw through that connection and 4 on either side.[/SIZE]
[SIZE= 14px]He did say that this is a rare case and he will still recommend leaving it overlapped in his practice. [/SIZE]
[SIZE= 14px]Quite frankly, Scarlet, ---I will post again in 6 weeks time as to how I feel then.[/SIZE]