Over the road biking purchase

Brad C

Aug 20, 2013
Hello, Me and My wife are looking at doing some over the road travel by bike. Just wondering what type of bikes brands etc are well equipped, good buys?

Looking more for other peoples experiences, what they would change if they bought again, etc.

I geuss we want to tour on the coastal roads around Florida State maybe North Carolina.

Personally, I don't have any great regrets over any of my bicycular purchases, but I've listened to a lot from other people. Among them:
  • Buying a bike that didn't fit
  • Buying a used bike that required too much money or bother to make suitable
  • Buying a used bike that was totally unsuitable
  • Buying a bike from an untrustworthy dealer or other source
  • Buying a bike because it was on sale rather than because it meets one's needs
  • Making a purchase before becoming sufficiently aware of alternative choices

Some of us on this forum are going to take umbrage that I've mentioned used bikes twice. Let it be known that I'm not against buying use bikes per se, but it takes certain knowledge and skill to buy them and not get taken.

Take your time, visit a couple dealers, take a few test rides, and ask a lot of questions.

I'm sure some of us could add to this list.