Oversized Water Bottle Cages


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Apr 30, 2014
You know what I'm getting at here. That's right: the 64 oz growler. I need a water bottle cage to bolt on or strap on to my clunker so that I no longer need to strap down a massive glass bottle full of beer with bungee cords.

Now, I know there are some handmade-in-the-US cages for like $50, but I'm looking for something $30 or less--honestly my entire old-as-dirt mountain bike that's used for beer runs isn't even worth $50.

I've heard of the Salsa Anything Cage which is about $30, but any other ideas? Some have said this one is best for soft luggage, tubes, etc.

I'm a little shocked that this is such a specialty item. Growlers have been semi-common to popular in the US for like 20 years now.
64 ounces?


No clue about the jug-o-brew holder.

Maybe re-bend the big ToPeak Modula cage (around $15) ? http://www.topeak.com/products/bottle-cages/modulacagexl

The BBB 1500 ML cage gets good ratings, but would have to be altered also. http://bbbcycling.com/accessories/bottle-cages/BBC-15

Or...you can do like I did and switch to rum. Several outfits make cages that fit a variety of hip flasks (King Cages, for one).
I have tried the Topeak Modula XL and wouldn't trust with my beer :) My preferred weapon of choice is a BBB Fuel Tank XL which has served me well on well over a 1,000 kilometres now of being shaken to death on dirt roads. A solid piece of kit but do not know if it will hold your preferred brew.

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