Own Team



Does any of you have like your "own" team, and is entering Cyber competitions whith it
Hi Nielsh. I've never heard of something like that. How does it work?
In Denmark is there a cyber competition called cyber cycling competition, there is about 60 races involved. you pick your team after the top 500 ranking by uci, and you can max. have 8000 points so you can't make a dream team, it's to late to register now, and it is also in danish but if you want to check it out its www.fomsgaard.dk/ccc
There are plenty of these cyber-games for the World Cup, Giro d'Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a España. I'll let you all know of some good sites some day soon. It's really exciting to take part in them!
Sounds cool, maybe we could get something organised here for the TDF!

*wonders if any of the members are gun programmers?*

Cycling Weekly (UK magazine) ran a 'dream team' competition during the 2001 TdF. You had a budget to buy riders from different categories - sprinters, climbers etc. Points were awarded for stage positions, overall positions, rider of the day, intermediate sprints etc. You could change riders at any time to earn max points on any stage (eg flat vs hill stage). It was great fun and certainly made viewing more fun - like horse racing but with a sport you love!
Should have seen me yelling 'RIDE YOU LAZY SCUMBAG' at the TV..... ;D
Yep, thats it! I think we should subscribe a Cyclingforums team. ;)
No idea yet. We'll have to get together and decide.
I think Zabel should be our first choice!
A poll wont work cause it only allows you to vote once, you need to be able to vote 9 times :) anyway we've got almost 6 months to work that one out ;)
I think Zabel should be our first choice!
Nah i'm the boss and I say O'Grady is the first choice ;D no point trying to carry two sprinters on a team thats gotta support Lance in the mountains ;D unless Zabel promises to sit up 50 meters from the line when he's leading O'grady out ;D
Zabel gets my vote too, he's probably the most active cyclist all year long. He also does those 6 day races at the track.
What about Casagrande, he had a bad year, yet he is still in top 10
Ok, here's an English speaking cycling pool site. It seems popular, many participants. You can create your own team for the Cyclo Cross season, World Cup, Giro, Tour, Vuelta and the World Championships.

Here is another great site it includes al the big races: http://users.iclway.co.uk/graham.chapman/vfmain.htm