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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Bob Young, Jun 30, 2003.

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  1. Bob Young

    Bob Young Guest

    Anthony Nolan Big Bike Ride yesterday. Now that was a warm one! So how did you all get on?

    regards, Bob

  2. Jon Martin

    Jon Martin Guest

    Bob Young was sufficiently re-animated to talk about Oxford Big Bike Ride
    >Anthony Nolan Big Bike Ride yesterday. Now that was a warm one! So how did you all get on?
    >regards, Bob
    Aiming for 5:46 for the 75 miles, recorded 77 in 5:53 so quite happy. New personnel top speed of
    43.1mph coming into Hook Norton. Lovely sun burn (forecast said clouds.... took waterproof, no sun
    screen. Whoops). Nice varied ride on new course, except putting Beckley (sp?) hill just at the end.
    And did we ~have~ to use the WorstRoadInOxfordshire TM (with the ford) ~again~??

    But, no marshals at junctions, gentle decrease in number of water stops, no sign of the
    promised sarnies (was I too early or too late?), no XL t-shirts for >£100 sponsorship, no medal
    at the end....

    I'll be thinking carefully about doing next years ride.



    Why does everything nice I buy at the moment keep @##*%ing breaking? [email protected] NOT!!
  3. Daren Austin

    Daren Austin Guest

    "Bob Young" <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...
    > Anthony Nolan Big Bike Ride yesterday. Now that was a warm one! So how did you all get on?
    > regards, Bob

    Team Flying Banana was originally going to tackle 50 miles but sibling rivalry and sickness/temper
    on the part of the luggage (Alex) meant we again settled for the 25 miles.

    Parked at Headington and coasted down the hill to the start with a max of 38mph. Left at 9:30 at a
    blistering pace (16-17mph), with stokid Thomas putting down plenty of power. Beat numerous singles
    up the first hill and zipped down into Islip at 28mph. We reached Deddington
    (1/2 way) in 55 minutes stopped for a footie break and a snack, cycled back to Islip for a
    playground break and more footie, and finished the ride in 2:40 (about 1:45 of cycling) and 2/3
    of a packet of chocolate bourbons (about 4/hr for stokid and the same for Alex).

    To show how exahusted the boys were they proceeded to play on the bouncy castles for 20 minutes and
    I test rode some bikes and we flew a small kite. The ride up Headington hill saw us plumb the depths
    of 6mph (average for hill of 22mph).

    Team flying banana is a yellow Dawes Toucan kiddyback tandem with a child seat. Stokid Thomas is
    five and Alex is three. It has front low riders for the food/drink/games/jumpers/camera/tools etc
    because the rear seat needs a rack (v. low seatpost). It also has twin speedo's and twin thunderbird
    two horns and a map holder for Thomas to read where we are going.

    So a 25kg bike with about 40kg of luggage - but some of the luggage pedals!

    All in all great fun and about 90 minutes faster than last year (no waiting for mummy!)

    Do say: "Hello.....Hello.....Hello!" Don't say: "You could do with an extra seat for me" - common
    reposte on hills.

    Kind regards,

  4. A Certain Number of BHPC types and Geoff's mate James encountered the ride grinding up the hill
    outside Great Tew, following a Twed-inspired detour to the Falkland Arms. Recumbents may not be able
    to climb, but I was quicker than the bloke on the mountain bike even before he got off and started

    Dave Larrington - http://www.legslarry.beerdrinkers.co.uk/
    Editor - British Human Power Club Newsletter
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