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    Last Week's Oxford Mail had an article entitled "a scary way
    to travel" which described a load of horrors which can be
    avoided by following Cyclecraft (can't find a link to the
    original story).

    I wrote to them and they printed it: http://www.thisisoxfor-

    Careful cyclists avoid the scares
    Sir -- At the risk of being contrary, every one of the
    problems encountered in your piece 'A scary way to travel'
    (Oxford Mail, May 5) can be minimised or avoided by correct

    It is amazing how much less scary cycling is when you follow
    Cyclecraft (John Franklin, The Stationery Office, ISBN 0 11
    702051 6).

    The biggest difference comes when you ride with your wheels
    more or less in the left-hand wheeltrack of the motorised
    traffic. Not only does this make you easier to see, it
    avoids punctures and encourages drivers to give you space.

    Oxford has some cycle lanes which are narrower than this
    (and much narrower than the recommended minimum width in
    Cycle Friendly Infrastructure). You can ignore them.

    The city also has one of the best systems in the world for
    keeping cyclists safe: lots of other cyclists.

    Drivers are expecting bikes, so if we behave predictably
    everyone knows what to do and life becomes less stressful
    all round.

    Never pass on the left of a large vehicle. If you're passing
    a line of traffic it's usually safer to pass on the right,
    slowly, and keep an eye out for pedestrians between
    vehicles. Cover those brakes!

    Just these few simple tricks make your "scary way to travel"
    much safer and more enjoyable.

    Of course, Eric Martlew thinks riding a tricycle in the park
    is so dangerous you should be criminalised if you allow your
    child to do so without a helmet.

    Me? I ride every day, and it doesn't scare me.

    May contain traces of irony. Contents liable to settle after
    posting. http://www.chapmancentral.co.uk

    Victory is ours! Down with Eric the Half A Brain!