Oxford to Edinburgh, 450 miles in 5 days


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Aug 15, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to give myself a physical challenge like this for a while and finally all the pieces of the puzzle fitted together as to what the challenge might be. Here it is Oxford to Edinburgh, 450 miles in 5 days with 4 weeks of training.

I have started training this week and have been reading all I can about how I might navigate the trip. So this is where I am today; I have a Scott Speedster 40S 2007 model road bike, it's an entry level bike but I'm happy with how it rides and I had it made to measure when I bought it so it's comfy. I bought a garmin 705 GPS earlier on in the week and have that up and running now with maps, cadence and HR, using garmin connect to look at data, google earth/maps to route. I have had two training sessions with that now a 16 mile ride (my first) and the second I did yesterday in the pouring rain 29 miles.

I'm hoping to get my body as prepared as I can within the 4 weeks, so any advice you can short of telling me my body won't handle it I'd be grateful.

I was going to use this thread to hold any questions that come up , which should be a few.

I'm blogging here No Going Home if anyone is interested, I have the RSS feeds from the blog going to facebook so you can also add me on there by e-mail [email protected]