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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Teach, Jul 25, 2003.

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    Well, another pacemaker question from me.

    I had my pacemaker, a St. Jude Identity XL DR, implanted on July 4th.
    I was looking at the paper printout of the settings they gave me and I
    noticed that there were 2 columns. One column labeled 'initial' and
    the other labeled 'actual'.

    In a few cases the figures were not the same. For example, in the
    Ventricular Stimulation configuration the initial figure is set as
    unipolar and the actual column indicates bipolar. Another example is
    the max hear rate is 110 in the initial column and 130 in the actual.

    Can anyone fill me in on what the difference is between these two
    columns. Also, what is the difference between unipolar and bipolar?

    Thanks in adavnce