Paella (a rough peasant style paella dish)

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    Paella Bruta
    (a rough peasant style paella dish)

    In a paella pan or a large flat frying pan, heat some olive oil about 3
    tablespoons - enough to nicely coat the pan. Add one sliced chorizo
    sausage and cook it until the chorizo gives off its essence and fat.
    Set aside chorizo for later use.

    To the pan, add seasoned chicken cut in pieces and brown them skin side
    down. When sufficiently colored take the chicken pieces out of the pan
    and place aside with the chorizo. Less then a pound of chicken is good.

    If the pan is too dry add a little olive oil and cook some seasoned
    cubes of monkfish (about ½ a pound) until somewhat browned. Remove the
    monkfish and set aside for later use.

    In the paella pan sauté a ½ cup each of the following:
    Onions, diced with two or three of mashed garlic cloves,
    A green and red pepper diced
    A tomato chopped.

    Cook all ingredients making sure they start to soften. When the
    tomatoes have broken down add one cup of Valencia or Arborio rice.

    The rice must be short grained for this dish to be successful. Sushi
    rice can even be used in a pinch! Cook the rice in the mixture already
    in the pan. When you have cooked the rice for a minute or two, add
    enough water (about two cups) to cover the rice a bit and bring to a

    Add a generous pinch of saffron strands and a dash of paprika to your
    liking. Add a bay leaf. A splash of some dry sherry is always good. Add
    the chorizo, chicken, and fish back to the pan. Distribute the meats
    evenly and make sure they are well combined with the water and rice.

    At this point lower the flame and simmer letting the rice cook slowly.
    You might want to add some more water if the rice starts to dry and
    stick to the bottom of the pan or the liquid starts to evaporate.

    Add some green peas making sure to distribute them evenly amongst the

    Cook until the water starts to evaporate.

    When the water has evaporated place the pan in a moderate oven and
    continue cooking for about ten minutes or so.

    When done. Garnish with strips of roasted red pimentos, artichoke
    hearts, and asparagus.

    Shrimp, which have been sautéed in oil and garlic can be added to the

    Serve with a simple salad of tomatoes, onions, and lettuce, with an
    olive oil and sherry vinegar dressing. Drink a young Spanish wine with

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    Yum! That's sound delicious. I have made paella and there are a lot of
    recipes around - but this looks nice and easy.
    Thanks, will try it soon.