pain in front of knee, is it patellar tendonitis


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Jul 22, 2003
The location of my latest ailment is on the front of the left knee.. it appeared after a recent over-zealous long-ride in which I'd started to feel particularly competitive and clocked up far longer than I'd usually do at a harder pace.

( Cause of injury certainly a sudden increase in volume & intensity of an individual ride.
I'm pretty sure my saddle height is fine - leg straight with the heal on the pedal, slight bend when clipped in.)

It's quite specifically on the top of the bone just below the kneecap.. certainly feels a little bruised to touch. I think it's to the RIGHT of the patellar tendon itself. The pain being located 'on the bone' would most likely be something like the attatchment of the tendon there ?

Any ideas what it is ? I'm off the bike until I know ...

It doesn't appear to be at all aggrivated at all by load bearing .. walking etc.. It's not the same as some cartillage type strain 'within' the knee I'd suffered a couple of years ago from excessive use of a cross-trainer .. (which occasionally recurs with excessive cycling).

I just found this on another thread:
pes anserinus tendoitis/bursitis
.. the description of this seems relevant, as (a) i do over-pronate, and (b) yup it's the 'medial side' of the tibial area..
afroboy said:
Hi mate, i have had many years of battling a problematic right knee. What you are describing does indeed sound like patellar tendonitis. Rest it up and fingers crossed she will be fine. Heres a link with some info and treatment :)

Thanks, looking at & some other images seems to confirm it could be bursitis it is on that knobly top part of the bone off to one side and not down the centre of the kneecap area.. i'm hoping that means it's some sort of imalance issue at can be solved with position tweaking... nonetheless i'll stay of the bike till i know for sure..

I'm trying to find a local sports-injury type clinic .. I'm currently on a 2-month work trip. My local gym back home has one handily located within..