Pain, pain and more pain


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Jun 27, 2019

New member here but I have been going through some of this clydesdale forum, very good to see support for us bigger guys.

As the title suggests, I am having a few problems with pain. :mad:

Basically hand, sit bone and patella tendon pain and I would really appreciate some advice on getting some relief.

Before that you need information, of course, so here it comes. I hope it is enough detail, but not too much.
did not see any additional information. there are smarter folks than me here, but my thoughts are:

  • butt pain - your anatomy is unique to you and it takes a while to find a saddle that matches you and your riding style. expensive is not always better. Cushioning may feel good on short rides but really hurt on long rides. I tried six saddles before i found a couple i liked. Most Bike shops will let you take a saddle for a ride. Talk ot any riding buddies, often they have saddles you can try.
    • Bike shorts are a must- the chamois (padding) also varies a lot- some people like thinner, some like thicker. Get a reasonable priced pair (as a big guy I switched to bibs, never going back, even though my wife laughs at me) and use chamois butter - helps.
    • Bike position is important, you need to learn to rotate top of your hips forward. and to sit at the back of the saddle - I have a tendency to slide forward on the narrow part - hurts.
    • You need time in the saddle to "toughen" your butt - And learn to stand every ten minutes or so.
  • Knees - usually this is managed by seat forward and back positioning. lots of sites discuss this.
    • Knees can be impacted by cleat position on your shoe.
    • also the foot angle, if you toe out a lot - may need a "floating cleat" system
    • heavy pedaling can make this worse, try to increase rpms and use less mashing
  • Hands (and shoulders) - this is where i struggle too. Too much weight on hands - after 2 hours hands and shoulders are killing me. I raised the handlebars, that helped some - still too much. I change hand position often but still hurts , going to try to reduce stem length (bring handlebars closer to me - see if that helps. Pro bike fitter was no help on this. told me to do more situps! any one else have suggestions would love to hear them.