Painting a frame....


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Jul 4, 2007
Short story as short as bike, probably a **** frame (Schiwnn Moab, don't know the year), needs an upgrade, want to practice bike maintainance on it, frame could use a paint job so why not?

Pointers, etc would be much appreciated.
do you have access to proper stuff, like some kinda gun, or are you gunna use cans?

I've done a few reasonable jobs on the cheap, using cans, with the only 'can' issue being finding a decent colour. A lot of the auto shop stuff has a cheap, slivery, poor-immitation-metallic look to them. Most whites and blacks are look ok to me.

The sanding is a pain in the @ss, and just when you think you can skimp on a few rough spots, they show up as clear as day when the piant goes on.

This obviously isn't a great photo, but I didn't this with cans. It's Galaxy blue (which was to only decent blue I could fins out of about ten tries) with a clear on top