Painting frame, what colour? WCE or FD?

Albert 50 said:
Renovating the house as well G :)
Not any more, :mad: I gave up on that after the Water Board demolished the brick/tille garage and compromised the foootings under the house. I am using two rooms of the house as a "shed". ;)
Full parts list:
2 Lock Washers, Front Axle
1 Front Axle Kit, 5/16
1 Bottle Cage Silver Alloy
1pr Brake Calipers,
1pr Brake Levers Cantilever, 4 finger Black Retro
2pr Brake Shoes, Road
1m Brake Cable 5mm, Blk/Gy
1m LEX Gear Cable 4.5mm
1 Gear Cable BB Guide
1 KMC Z51 Chain
1 Microshift Shifter RH, 7 Speed, Black
1 Microshift Shifter LH, 3 Speed, Black
1 Flat Bars Steel Black
1pr Handgrips Black & Gel, Retro
1pr Pedals, 9/16, Steel & PVC, Retro
1 Saddle Racing, Quilted, Retro
1 Seat Post bolt 25mm
2 Tubes, 700x28-32, 33mm FV
2 Tyres, Duro, Black, 27x1 1/4
2 Rim Tapes, 700x14mm
Sand Blasting Frame, Fork, Seat post, Bars($25)
Powder Coating Frame, Fork, Seat post, Bars($35)
Braze RD Cable Lug under Chain Stay
1 MF-HG50 Multi Freewheel 7 Speed, 11-28
1 RD-TX30 Rear Derailleur 6-7 Speed Axle Mount
2 Wheels, alloy, 27x1 1/4
Cold set rear drop out to 130mm, Tap BB Threads
1 Shimano C051 Front Derailleur 48T,
1 UN26 Bottom Bracket & 2 Bolts
1 TX71 Crankset 28/38/48 170mm
1 Nitto Stem
Total: $350
However to do it in drop bar with STI shifters would go over $700.
gclark8 said:
I have been trying to sell the Gordonson for a few months, all new bits on a 30 year old steel frame, with no joy.

I have been quoted a good price for sand blasting and powder coating, 2 colours no extra $, so which colours?

Eagles or Dockers? :)
Hi George

I would go for the Eagles colours, shouldn't have any problem getting some speed out of it ;)