Palletline are really anti-cycling

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    Boss of logistics firm Palletline, commented on his blog that Cyclists should be banned from inner cities for their own safety.
    Today, that blog post mysteriously disappears.. More info here:
    Seems they closed down the dicussion when it started to turn into a PR disaster for them. I would like to encourage them to support, and sponsor LGV driver training, and "exchanging places" awareness events.
    I will write a more formal response to the company, but would like to get this link published far and wide.
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    They are also on London Mayor Boris Johnson's FORS accreditation scheme!

    [SIZE=small]London Cycling Campaign [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=small]020 7234 9310[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=small]Please sign the 'Love London, Go Dutch' petition: "We want the mayoral candidates to make[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=small]London more liveable for everyone by making our streets as safe and inviting as they are in Holland"[/SIZE]