Panini grill or cast iron?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by [email protected], Dec 30, 2004.

  1. I received a Le Creuset grill pan for Christmas this year, but I'm
    trying to decide if I should 1) exchange it for the Cuisinart
    "Griddler" panini maker (that does much more than panini) or 2) get the
    Le Creuset panini press that matches the grill pan I already have (it's
    like the bottom of the grill pan, but you put it on top of whatever you
    are cooking in the grill pan itself).

    The appliance seems very convenient, but I don't like the idea of
    having yet another device to store. The grill pan and press looks
    nicer sitting on shelf, but I think it would take considerably longer
    to cook with and to clean.

    Does anyone have any thoughts about the utility of either one?


  2. Panini grills look like a big waste of money to me. Why not just use a
    griddle or skillet with a weight on top. A plate will work. If you
    want grid marks use a ridged skillet. I'm not sure what to think about
    panini. The one commercial panino(?) I've had (on trendoid Robson St.
    in Vancouver) was a stingy amount of filling between two cracker-like
    slabs. Didn't come close to competing with Cuban sandwiches or
    Biloxi-style po'boys. Anyway, give the low-tech method a try and see
    how it works out.