Pannier racks for LWB recumbents


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Apr 19, 2010
I'm looking into touring with a recumbent and am getting pretty excited about it =)

However, I can't seem to find anything online about how/where to put the racks on. Specifically, I'd like to put some Tubus racks--probably just a rear, not a front--on a RANS Stratus XP. I'd assume that the dual 26" wheels would make this easy, but I'm wondering how they would attach.

I've also looked into the Terracycle underseat racks, but I'll need more space than just 2 panniers. I'm also not interested in hauling a trailer.

Also, if anyone has used a recumbent-specific rack like the RANS HT I'd like to hear what what your experience has been. Will it handle heavy loads?

Any advice?

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