Pantani in cycling history


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Aug 19, 2004
Well we all know cycling history has become quite a mess with the Armstrong revelations and such. But now we have the following article from the front page of 3/14/16 Gazzetta dello Sport

Campiglio 1999 the truth. writes the p.m .: "So the mob stopped Pantani"

Confirmed what had been anticipated, in the words of Vallanzasca onwards: it was a Camorra clan that threatened a physician to alter the blood controlling the Pirate on the morning of June 5. It 's all written pages in the investigation of the prosecutor of Forlì, which he closed with the storage required for prescription. But what of the history of sport?

March 14, 2016 - Milan
A "bug" in the home of a Camorra, the investigation of the criminal police of the prosecutor of Forlì, guided by the prosecutor Sergio Sottani. The eavesdropping and finally the evidence, names, revealing, according to the reconstruction of the investigators, what happened on the morning of June 5, 1999 in Hotel Touring in Madonna di Campiglio, the eve of the penultimate stage with Gavia, Mortirolo and arrival at 'Aprica. The control of the hematocrit level of Marco Pantani in the pink jersey. The exclusion of the Pirate from the Tour of Italy for high hematocrit, 51.9% against the 50% permitted by the then UCI rules, the World Cycling Federation. The beginning of the sporting and human end of Cesenatico climber.

money and blood - "A Camorra clan threatened a doctor, writes pm Sottani, to force him to alter the test and to put Pantani out of the norm". Words that in these years we had heard many times, from the famous phrase of the bandit Renato Vallanzasca in prison ( "A member of a Camorra clan advised at an early stage to bet all the money I had on the victory of Pantani in the 99 Giro. ' I do not know how, but the bald one will not arrive to Milan. Trust ')
to the investigative work of the prosecutor of Forlì, which October 16, 2014 opened the investigation on exclusion of Pantani from Campiglio with the offense "criminal association aimed at fraud and sporting fraud. " Investigations already carried out in 1999 in Trento by prosecutor Giardina, and archived.

Queen of Proofs - Betting against Pantani, billionaire bets (in pounds) that the Camorra could not lose. Hence the plan to alter the blood control. The prosecutor of Forlì has reconstructed all the steps, heard dozens of people, in jail and out. He had proof-queen, with the environmental interception of an affiliate to a clan that five times repeated the word "yes", when asked if the test had been altered. But prosecutors have gone further, did not stop to this important element. Have reconstructed the chain of command, they found the instigators of the operation.
Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries of world sport has found the truth. A 17-year distance. The prosecutor of Forlì can store only because offenses are prescribed. A different civil and sporting front, on which lawyers for the Pantani family are working to see if there may be openings for some action.

Luca Gialanella
Il Pirata, I respect your wish to support Pantani.
I was also a great fan of Pantani.

If Pantani was done an injustice, I'd like to see some evidence of this.
Il Pirata, I respect your wish to support Pantani.
I was also a great fan of Pantani.

If Pantani was done an injustice, I'd like to see some evidence of this.

Yes Lim, I know that you are. I have always believed that Pantani did not have high haematocrit at the giro 1999, and that in fact it was falsified. In the above article, it is given up in conversation during phone taps by mob insiders that such was the case, corroborating Vallenzasca's testimony. This throws into suspicion so much of what has been reported of him, including his death. But perhaps this could restore some of his injured reputation. Which isn't to say that I believe he rode on bread and water, but only that he did not exaggerate with the epo, or other PEDs.
After years they have given back to Roberto Heras his Vuelta win. The giro really cannot do the same for Pantani because he didn't finish the 1999 giro, but they could do something symbolic.