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    Khirurgiia (Mosk). 2004;(1):43-5. Links

    [Antioxidant therapy in combined treatment of postoperative intestinal paresis]

    [Article in Russian]

    Magomedov MA.

    Kafedra khirurgicheskikh boleznei # 1 lechebnogo fakul'teta s kursami mammologii i neirokhirurgii
    fakul'teta poslediplomnogo obrazovaniia Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo mediko-stomatologicheskogo

    Method of treatment of postoperative intestinal paresis with antioxidant emoxipin in experiment
    demonstrated that stabilization of redox processes and antioxidant systems in intestinal tissues
    leads to compensation of energy deficiency and recovery of intestinal peristalsis. Clinical use of
    this method in combined treatment of patients with postoperative intestinal paresis in acute
    generalized peritonitis reduces time of postoperative intestinal paresis and intoxication, lethality
    reduced 1,7-fold.

    PMID: 14983163 [PubMed - in process]


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