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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Kenny, Apr 11, 2003.

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  1. Bret Wade

    Bret Wade Guest

    Ewoud Dronkert wrote:
    > Active blocking by riding near the front and not take pulls and covering every attack, no problem.

    This is what I meant. I don't recall seeing it done at that level, and I've never heard a
    commentator mention it, but I'll pay more attention. If Ewoud, Bart and Kenny all say it's done,
    then it must be so.


  2. "Kenny" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]...
    > > Kurgan believes that your talents lie elsewhere than prognostication, emphasizing this point
    > > with his subtle form of irony. As the target of your prior inaccurate ridicule, I felt that he
    > > should have deferred to me on this matter. Sensing that you had suffered enough at the unhappy
    > > demise of Mr. Museeuw, I would have preferred to cut you some slack.
    > >
    > I don't get it. What was ridiculous about the things I said? I just said what i saw during the
    > live coverage of Gent-Wevelgem. If Museeuw was indeed bad that day you should hear me saying he
    > was good. But I saw the race so i think i can say i was pretty well placed to give my opinion
    > about that. Bart even backed me up about the Kemmelberg and the heavy wind at the coast. I really
    > don't get what Kurgan's point is.

    You wrote:

    "Believe me, he's at his top"

    It seems to me he was never at his top for the entire Cobbled Classics week.
  3. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    > You wrote:
    > "Believe me, he's at his top"
    > It seems to me he was never at his top for the entire Cobbled Classics week.

    I agree his preparation for these classics wasn't excellent with his sickness. But after what he
    showed untill the last 30km of Flanders and after Gent-Wevelgem he looked like the Museeuw who's
    ready to make the race in Roubaix. He also announced in the papers that his sickness was over and
    that he felt good. So i didn't see any reason not to believe that. BTW in 2001 (after his motor
    crash in the summer of 2000) he didn't ride any top10 in all the belgian (semi) classics until
    Paris-Roubaix where he was very strong and ended 2nd though he said he didn't ride on the level yet
    he used to ride. That wasn't the case right now. He is much better now than in 2001. Museeuw in this
    shape is always a serious contender when it comes to Paris-Roubaix. Offcourse you can allways have a
    day where you're not at 100% although all the earlier signs where good. Like VDB in Milan-Sanremo
    for example.
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