Paris-Roubaix Worldcup Stat

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This is the top-20 list the riders who gathered the most Worldcup-points in Paris-Roubaix since the
start of the worldcup in 1989 till now. The list is based on the yearly top10-result of
Paris-Roubaix since 1989. The points given are the official points of the worldcup-ranking. The
winner of a worldcup-race gets 100pts. Then it goes from 70, 50, 40, 36, 32, 28, 24, 20 to 16 pts
for the 10th rider.

1. J. Museeuw (Bel): 558 points
2. F. Ballerini (Ita): 416 p
3. G. Duclos-Lasalle (Fra): 300 p
4. A. Tchmil (Bel): 290 p
5. A. Tafi (Ita): 236 p
6. W. Peeters (Bel): 188 p
7. O. Ludwig (Ger): 180 p
8. G. Hincapie (USA): 144 p
9. J.M. Wampers (Bel), E. Planckaert (Bel): 136 p
10. M. Madiot (Fra), E. Van Hooydonck (Bel): 132 p
11. S. Wesemann (Ger), J. Capiot (Bel): 118 p
12. S. Bauer (Can): 110 p
13. G. Bortolami (Ita), J.C. Colotti (Fra), J. Planckaert (Bel): 106 p
14. F. Guesdon (Fra), S. Knaven (Hol): 100 p
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