Parity of treatment ?


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Jan 5, 2004
I have spent the last couple of days in shock at the news of the
death of Marco Pantani.
I've visted the sites of the Italian newspapers, I've read the media coverage of his death, I've visted Jan Ullrich's site and read his statement about Pantani's death.
I've especially read the forums where fans from across the world have expressed their heartfelt sorrow at Pantani's treatment by the media, by CONI, by the UCI and the Societie de Tour De France.

However, my saddness is turning to anger.
Why ?
Because of double standards and the singling out of a man by the authorities for all the drug scandals that have hit our sport
in recent times, were piled on to this one man, who was made to carry the can for all the drug scandals in our sport.

Why was Marco prevented from cycling ?
Why was this man prevented from taking part in the centenary
Why were other cheats not treated like he was ?
Why were self confessed cheats like Virenque and Zulle allowed to cycle the TDF after the Festina scandal and Marco wasn't allowed to do so ?
Why did the UCI decide to punish this man - and yet it turned a
blind eye to the return of other cheats ?
Why does the UCI indulge other known cheats in our sport - yet
it went out of it's way to destroy Pantani ?

Tonight the BBC carried a report on it's main news program about Marco's death.
The BBC peddled the lies that the UCI continues to profer ie
we're doing everything to eradicate drugs from the sport etc.

We've had to listen to these lies from this stinking, lying, double dealing, cheating, morally corrupt, two faced guango since
Vergbruggen and his putride cohorts sit in their ivory tower as
young cyclist die.

Parity of treatment ?
Doing what is right for our sport.
The UCI, the Societie de Tour De France, CONI know nothing of
parity of treatment, fairness or doing the right thing for our sport.
They have blood on their collective hands - shame on them.

Shame on us for letting them get away with it.

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