Parkinson Italian tour 2006

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    What is Parkinson Italian Tour 2006?
    - It is a cycling event that begins in Stockholm, Sweden and ends in Northern Italy (the Dolomites). The distance is divided into legs of 100-150 km a day and the complete stretch should take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

    - The main purpose is to raise awareness for both participants and others, that there is a life despite Parkinson’s disease. The event’s aim is to also raise awareness about how exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help people with Parkinson’s disease. The funds raised will go to the Parkinson’s Foundation in Sweden.

    - The idea is to encourage cyclists and cycle enthusiasts to join in the event, either for the complete tour, just one or severel legs. A set fee applies to each leg. This will be handed over, in its entirety, to the Parkinson’s Foundation in Sweden.

    Reed more about the arrangement at our website.