Parramatta Cup and NSW state titles


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Apr 25, 2002
Hi everyone,
I made my way to the dunc last night to spectate at the Parramatta Cup and some state titles were also held.

It was a great thing to see, so many top level cyclists in one place at once!

The highlight for me was seeing my hero, Sean Eadie, win just about everything he went in, including the final of the Mens Kieren. He is phenomenal - twice the size of everyone else there, and the sprinting speed and power he has just blew them away, it was the best thing I've seen - it was so motivating for me to see him in real life, and to win! He has branched out now and races all different events, and is successful. Before this I had only ever seen track racing on TV, so it was an amazing night for me, I watch my 2000 Olympics DVD often, admiring all these riders, then to go last night and see them all compete was fantastic. K Bates rode too, she was awesome. There were many good riders there and some of the juniors were most impressive!

There was a crash in one race, which resulted in one of the riders being taken out in an ambulance - which scared the **** out of me! My coach is encouraging me to ride in bunch races as well as my TT event (since I can only really compete at State champs for that!) but not so sure after seeing the crash - whether I am confident to do that,but will see how it goes!

The world cup is coming here in May I think, so that will be something to look forward to!