Participants wanted for cycling study in the North West

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    I'm unsure what category this post would be best suited but I'll post it here and hopefully one of the admins will correct if necessary.

    I am a third year student studying sport and exercise science and I'm looking for trained cyclists to partake in a research project. This project aims to investigate the effect taurine has on 4km time trial performance. Taurine is an amino acid that is present in the body (predominantly the heart and brain), meats and is quite a popular ingredients in typical energy drinks.

    Anybody participating would be asked to perform a laboratory based 4km time trial on three separate occasions. On one of the three they would drink 500ml of water containing 1000 mg of taurine. On the other two they would be consuming water alone. Participants would be required to be moderately trained cyclists (training 7 or more hours a week).

    In return for partaking in this study; participants will have increased knowledge of the scientific process that affects developments of sporting performance, be informed about their current body composition (percentage body fat / lean tissue mass) and have access to practical physiological data on how they performed during the time trial that could be applied to improve their training.

    The testing would be based in the laboratory at Edge Hill University, which is in the town of Ormskirk (approximately 25 minutes from Liverpool, 45 minutes from Manchester).

    If you or anybody you know is interested in participating in this project or simply would like to know more, please feel free to ask me questions via a PM or email me at [email protected]
    Thank you for your time
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    Taurine is a good one actually. I forgot about this. I think I use to supplement this one. It's in meat. Doesn't seem to be any negative or positive effects from consuming it in an energy drink in studies from 2008. Maybe that's why these guys want to do more studies. If it's in meat I don't think we need it. Sea algae and plants have it. Not from plants on the land. How interesting is that?
    If you eat enough protein every day your body makes taurine by itself. Vegetarian would need to eat sea plants and make sure their overall protein intake was at least I think 45-55mg of protein a day. If you maintain that the sea stuff is not necessary. There's no real evidence if vegans having low taurine levels would cause them health problems.
    The US government says there is no evidence that taurine effects physical activity. Oh, God the things you find when you look. I'm reading this article that says there is an urban legend that taurine is taken from the semen and urine of bulls. Lol is that like Red Bull? I wouldn't put it past them to slip that in there.